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Our company is certified as a DBE / WBE / SBE firm with over 60 agencies in accordance with Federal and State governments to meet your needs.

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Founded in 1987, LKG-CMC is lead by some of the most experienced transit project administrators and document control specialists in the nation.


LKG-CMC Inc. is a business management consultant providing comprehensive project control for complex transit, highway, public works, education, airport, and other infrastructure projects nationwide. With over 30 years of experience, our firm delivers exceptional document control, configuration management, scheduling, cost estimating, and more to keep even the most extensive projects on track.

Fully certified as a DBE / WBE / SBE firm with over 65 agencies across the nation, LKG-CMC is at the forefront of innovation for the development and implementation of organized management systems needed to control complex efforts and construction projects.

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