Design Services

Every projects Design Stage is a creative process, which goes from general to very detailed procedures. The quality of these detailed procedures depends largely on the continuous organizational interaction between all Project Team Members. Effective Design Service systems and programs must be put in place early in this stage to ensure the process of organized interactions.

LKG Design Services uses a variety of tracking systems including the LKG family of tracking software for Drawings, Specifications, Manuals, Correspondence and Submittals for quality Project Team Members interaction. LKG Design Services for all documents; hardcopy and electronic documents are maintained in uniformed mirrored tracking filing management systems including web based systems. This allows for coordinated design review, and also track, manage and distribute changes to the project baseline.

LKG Services can design and implement systems that will allow for the tracking, updating, distribution and retrieval of all project documents. We also provide Administrative, CADD and Technical Writing Services.