Western Region Projects

LA Metro
Program Management Support

Project Description:

The Division 13 Bus Maintenance and Operations facility is described as a bus maintenance, operations, and service facility located in downtown Los Angeles, California. The facility is designed to accommodate a fleet of 200 CNG buses and consists of a multi-level structuredparking garage, a maintenance building, bus fueling, bus washing, chassis wash and non-revenue vehicle washing, non-revenue vehicle fueling, and maintenance and transportation offices and support areas.

source: metro.net

LKG Scope of Work:

LKG was retained by the program management support consultant, to provide configuration management and document control services. LKG responsibilities include:

  • Establish, maintain and update document control systems and databases using Contract Management software.

  • Coordinate submittals, RFI, change orders and obtain approvals on a variety of documents.

  • Provide training and guidance in document control systems and procedures.