Eastern Region Projects

Light Rail System

Project Description:

The Durham-Orange Light Rail Transit Project is a 17 mile light rail alignment which runs from the proposed Alston Avenue/N. Carolina Central University station to the University of North Carolina Hospitals.
The project will serve major activity centers including Central Durham, the bus center and Amtrak station. The double‐tracked alignment would operate primarily at‐grade in a dedicated right‐of‐way parallel to existing roadways, with elevated sections as needed to mitigate potential traffic impacts or impacts to environmental features. Service is anticipated to start in 2025/2026 and take 35 minutes to travel end to end.


LKG Scope of Work:

LKG was retained by the program management consultant, to develop the Document Control Management Plan. LKG responsibilities include:

  • Review current project document control processes and systems.
  • Coordinate with the owner and program management staff on methodology, systems, processes and procedures to be used as the project progresses to future phases and ongoing operations.