Eastern Region Projects

Rail Car and ATC Project

Project Description:

Harrison, NJ - The Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corporation (PATH) Rail Car and ATC project entails the replacement of PATH’s entire 340 car fleet through the procurement of 245 new rail cars and an overhaul of 95 existing PA-4 cars. . The new cars will feature more doors, on-board video of news and information, digital signs and pre-recorded station announcements. The project also includes the design of a new car-borne and wayside signal program.


LKG Scope of Work:

LKG was retained by the Railcar and ATC engineering program management consultant to provide scheduling, technical writing/editing, document control, database development and action item tracking services. LKG responsibilities include

  • Track drawings received from the car builder

  • Develop document tracking databases

  • Process all correspondence

  • Develop and distribute weekly open action items reports.