Eastern Region Projects

General Planning Consultant Services

Project Description:

Atlanta, GA - The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) system serves Fulton ad DeKalb counties as well as the city of Atlanta, GA. The General Planning Consultant Services project includes: The Belt Line (a 22-mile LRT loop), assessment of the MARTA system capacity, technical analysis and evaluation of the rail, BRT, express bus and streetcar corridors in the MARTA system, and the Georgia 400 Corridor Alternatives Analysis (an 11.7 mile extension from North Springs)

source: itsmarta.com

LKG Scope of Work:

LKG was retained by the general planning consultant to provide document control, document control plan development and administrative services. LKG responsibilities include:

  • Develop project document control processes, including a document control plan

  • Process, track and maintain all controlled documents

  • Develop and maintain project library

  • Provide administrative support to project staff